Need Arch Support?

Copper Fit® Arch Relief Plus®

Adjustable compression bands with a built-in adaptive arch orthotic.



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Copper Infused Odor Reducing

Arch Support Technology

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Adjustable Orthotic Arch Support

Copper Fit® Arch Relief Plus®

fits to your feet and not your shoes. So you can comfortably wear them in any shoe. Just strap on the band of your foot. That’s It. Relief made easy!

  • Helps reduce foot discomfort.
  • Built-in adaptive orthotic form fits to your foot.
  • Adjustable compression strap for a secure fit.
  • Low-profile, fits in most footwear.
  • Wear with or without shoes.
  • Lightweight, soft material.
  • Moisture- wicking top layer fabric.
  • Copper infused to reduce odor.


Ed W.

These things are amazing! My feet have never felt better and I’ve purchased a few expensive custom arch supports during my lifetime and would rather have these from copperfit any day.

Pauline D.

On my second set, and they have done wonders for my arches!!! Thank you very pleased!!

Diana A.

Second order. I have toe nerve issues. By sliding this product a little bit forward on my foot my nerve problems totally go away.. this product is keeping me from needing surgery.

Arch Relief Features

Copper infused adjustable compression bands with a built-in semi rigid arch support that form fits to your foot to support the plantar fascia and arch, giving pain relief exactly where you need it.

Thin & Comfortable

Fit Perfectly to the arches of your feet.

Wear Them Anywhere

Arch Relief Plus can be worn with or without shoes. Just strap the band on your foot. It doesn't matter what you are wearing !

Use the Arch Relief Plus Anywhere





Copper Fit® Arch Relief Plus®

Instantly Relieves Sore Achy Feet ‐ Wear With or Without Shoes!

Copper Fit Arch Relief Plus provides therapeutic compression and orthotic arch support to help relieve discomfort caused by Plantar Fasciitis, fallen arches, flat feet and more. This adjustable compression band with a built-in orthotic can be worn under or over socks, with or without shoes, to provide instant relief to sore achy feet.

  • Instantly helps relieve foot stress and strain.
  • Compression + Arch Support ‐ wear with or without shoes.
  • Adjustable compression band with built-in arch orthotic.
  • Lightweight, thin, breathable, fits in any shoe.
  • Copper-infused to reduce odors.



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